Whether you’ve been dating for several months, married for years, or are going on a date with someone for the first time, an entertaining and romantic outing can be appreciated by all. And in the midst of trying to impress your sweetheart, it’s wise to be mindful of the cost.

The team at 24/7 Wall St. investigated the date scene. We calculated the average cost of a typical date — a trio of drinks, dinner and a movie for two — ┬áin each state. If you live in North Dakota, you’re in luck. The average date for two in the state costs approximately $80.74, which is about $20 below the national average of $101.81. A classy night out in the tropical yet distant state of Hawaii is a different story, with the average cost of a date tallying up to $139.12 — the most of any state.

22. Michigan
> Average cost of dinner, drinks and movie for 2: $105.52 (18th highest)
> Arts, entertainment and recreation establishments: 36 per 100,000 (15th lowest)
> Restaurants: 133 per 100,000 (2nd lowest)

Maybe the quintessential dinner paired with a movie is outdated or out of your price range, in which case you can opt for many other fun activities such as touring a museum, going dutch on a bed and breakfast, or hiking a mountainous terrain.

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Not only does the cost of a typical date differ in each state, but the available date options also vary too. For example, a unique date in New Hampshire might include spending the afternoon ascending Mount Monadnock, the second most climbed mountain in the world. People in the flat state of Oklahoma, on the other hand, can attend the monthly Exchange on Film Row event in Oklahoma City.