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Detroit No More Crowded Than the Average City

There are 3,800 people per square mile in the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn metro area, lower than the national population density of 6,321 Americans per square mile across all U.S. metro areas. Detroit also has the highest population density of any Michigan metro area. Population density can have a meaningful impact on home prices in an area. There […]

Why Detroit is One of the Less Expensive Housing Markets

A typical home in the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn metro area costs $151,000, roughly the same as in Michigan as a whole, where the typical home is worth $137,500. Detroit’s median home value is also the third highest of any metro area in the state. The price of a typical Detroit home is, however, less than the national […]

Detroit Has the 3rd Highest Murder Rate in the Nation

[jwplayer nSHWBp5L] The deadly weekend in Chicago is the most recent indication of the soaring violence in the city. There have been 614 murders in the city so far this year — more than in New York and Los Angeles combined and the highest number in over a decade. Nationwide, while the number of homicides […]

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