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Michigan is the 18th Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

Once introduced, cars quickly became part of America’s culture — but with the automobile also came driver, passenger, and pedestrian traffic fatalities. Per capita traffic fatalities, including pedestrian deaths, have declined by nearly 30% in the last decade, but they remain a serious problem. In 2014, 32,675 people died from traffic-related car crashes, nearly 15% […]

Allegen is the County with the Most Allergies in Michigan

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies — and an additional 26 million have asthma. These conditions take a toll on the health of a city’s population as well as its economy. Seasonal allergies alone account for an estimated 3.8 million missed work and school days each year. According to a recent report […]

Michigan Invests the 12th Least in Higher Education

The total cost of attending college in the United States has risen dramatically in recent decades — faster than inflation and faster than wage growth.Government investments in public higher education can lower tuition expenses for college students, but many governments actually cut their education funding significantly when the recession hit. While in the last three […]

Michigan Ranks the 10th highest in Obesity

Obesity has been associated with some of the nation’s biggest killers — cancer, heart disease and diabetes. All have been closely linked to obesity. According to the National Cancer Institute, in some cases, obesity can cut a person’s lifespan more than smoking. The obesity epidemic afflicts every part of the country to some degree. At […]

Michigan is the 7th Least Prepared State for a Natural Disaster

From hurricanes to disease outbreaks to wildfires, some part of the United States is usually facing an imminent natural disaster that could potentially endanger lives and cost millions of dollars. Hurricane Katrina destroyed 300,000 homes and caused more than $100 billion in damage. The Ebola strain, which devastated parts of West Africa in 2014, infected […]

Michigan Has the 6th Highest Rate of Identity Theft

Identity theft — when a criminal steals personal information such as a social security or credit card number — remains one of the most popular scams in the United States. Just as the importance of digital identities and online transactions has risen during the age of the Internet, so too has the incidence of fraud-related […]

Michigan Has More Student Debt Than All But Eight States

Today’s graduating class will carry more debt than any other class in history. The average student loan debt at graduation rose from $18,550 in 2004 to $28,950 in 2014, a 56% increase, according to The Institute for College Access and Success. At the same time, the cost of tuition of a public four-year program at […]

The Value of a Dollar is the 22nd Highest in Michigan

While a dollar bill looks and feels the same all over the United States, its value is often very different depending on where it is used. The prices of housing, food, and services, vary considerably across the country. To highlight these differences, which reflect the relative purchasing power of Americans, 24/7 Wall St. calculated the […]

Michigan is the 20th Safest State to Drive

The number of fatal car crashes in the United States has declined, at least partially due to better safety measures and improved road design. In 2014, 32,675 Americans died in car crashes, roughly 10,000 fewer than there were In 2004. Still, traffic accidents remain a serious problem in this country, and in some states the […]

Michigan Has the 8th Fewest Government Workers

More than 22 million Americans are government workers. While the ideal size of government in the United States is a matter of intense debate, most Americans agree that government workers are necessary in some capacity. Public education, law enforcement, emergency services, and road maintenance are all matters of public administration, and state, local, and federal […]

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